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People enjoy the Hudson Rafting Trips

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People enjoy the Hudson Rafting Trips

This Company was born from the founders that brought whitewater rafting to the Adirondacks and has produced some of the best guides in the region. If you are going to go rafting in the Adirondacks, it makes sense to go with the originals! 

We only use New York State licensed guides that are certified in CPR and First Aid and trained in Whitewater Safety.  We use the best rafts: Sotar self-bailing, and our base is conveniently located in the heart of North Creek.  

As a 5th generation Adirondacker, I’m proud to give you the best rafting experience the Park has to offer.

Tyler C.
President, HRC

People enjoy the Hudson Rafting Trips
The Adirondack Park


Discover a sprawling 6 million acre wilderness filled with natural beauty and a rich history nestled in northern New York State. The Adirondack Park is larger than the neighboring state of Vermont, yet it has one-fifth the population. The area is so rugged that it was not properly mapped until well after the Civil War, and remains the most remote and intact wilderness region in the Northeast. Once you make your way off the river and out of the piney woods, the accommodations and restaurants are excellent, and the people will make you smile.

We hope to see you soon!


Safety & Liability Disclosure

The safety of our rafters is our top priority. We provide you with the equipment and procedures specifically designed to make your trip as safe as possible, but there are risks associated that are outside of HRC’s control. As such, all participants are required to sign an Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability form before taking their trip.

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